5 Mental Health Gifts You Can Buy Under $5

You don't need to be rich to prioritize mental health

We often think taking care of our minds is expensive.

We think we need to buy a $36 dollar bag of organic vegetables or goji berries or visit a therapist that charges $250/hr.

While many of us do struggle to access resources based on our situation.

It’s not a black and white picture. You can do things for free, and other things that may cost a small fee, and others that may require us to consider in the future.

Here are 5 things you can purchase to make a difference in your mental health, and managing anxiety!

1. Buy a Blindfold


Don’t worry this isn’t about to turn weird….lol.

Sleep is one of the #1 essential foundations of mental health. It’s also unfortunately the most neglected and troubling area of life for many people.

I struggled with sleep problems throughout my life and I know how much of a struggle it can be. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do like drinking some Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime tea so can buying a blindfold!

You see, part of our mind detects if there is light around us whether it’s from our phones or a crack through our curtain, it makes it hard to go to sleep and stay asleep.

You can overcome this by wearing any blindfold to trap your eyes in the darkness. Or alternatively buying black-out curtains but that costs more than $5.

2. Buy a Gut Microbiome Functional Soda

If you’ve read my work you know I am passionate about this weird bacterial ecosystem in our bodies called the gut microbiome.

Feel free to read more about it in-depth here.

Long story short, a major neurotransmitter highly implicated with mental health called serotonin is actually for the most part in your gut microbiome. The latest science estimates that 90% of serotonin is in our gut, not our brain.

Eating a healthy diet can do wonders for your gut. Additionally, you can check out this company called Olipop - a soda (cola, grape, orange, root beer, etc) that has no artificial sugar or chemicals AND has over 7 herbs, plant fibers, probiotics that improve your gut microbiome, and any stomach issues.

I am sponsored by Olipop but I found the soda first and have been drinking one almost every day for the last month and it’s greatly improved my gut, stress, digestion, etc.

You can get it at Whole Foods, Sprouts, for around $2.29 a can but also online too!

Use my sponsored link or enter code MARK if you want a discount :) CLICK HERE.

3. Read - Screw Being Shy

Grab the digital version of my book! Description below.

Shy? Quiet? Nervous? Does your heartbeat fast, your throat clench, or do you overthink social interactions? Forget shyness. Forget being the quiet person in the back of the room. There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, but society has largely confused this term with a real problem that many face: social anxiety. Communicating your authentic self to others is crucial to achieve success and a happy life. If you are among the 40-60% of people who report being shy, this book will guide you through the necessary steps to learn to be yourself in front of others.

This step-by-step guide to screw being shy and be yourself in front of anyone teaches:

* How the author, Mark Metry, went from having severe social anxiety, unable to speak to anyone or even make eye contact, to becoming a socially free person and speaking on stage to thousands of people worldwide

* How to conceptualize shyness for what it really is: a glitchy nervous system run by ancestral neurochemistry & other biological functions

* How to establish long-lasting motivation and consistency for your existence: to do what you really want to do, without being affected by the opinions of others

* How to use food, sleep and other biological tools to re-engineer your body’s physiology and rewire your brain to be less socially anxious

* How to redesign yourself as a human: change the way you think about yourself, understand the layers of social anxiety, overcome overthinking, and get on the path to be capable of learning anything!

* How to rip off the mask of false confidence and expose yourself psychologically with exposure therapy

* How to begin expressing your true self at work as an entrepreneur and even sharing your voice on social media, if that is what you desire

Includes over 50+ scientific references and exercises at the end of each chapter for the reader to take action!

4. Buy a Journal for Your Mental Health

By far one of the best purchases I have made in my life is a simple journal.

I still remember walking to Target years ago when I was completely lost and had no idea what to do. I started a dialogue with myself documented in my journal.

Writing your thoughts down helps you gain perspective and accountability.

PS. If you want to learn more about how to journal, CLICK HERE.

5. Buy a Subscription to Breathing or Meditation App

Breathing is free.

Meditation is free.

But learning and getting proper training might not be free.

I recommend checking out an app like Breathwrk (free version too) as well as a meditation app and consider signing up for a premium subscription for unlimited access & tools.

Thank you for reading!

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