Changing Your Mindset Is Not Enough

A good practice or just impractical?

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Every day billions of people wake up and try to have a positive mindset.

And while not useless, it’s a good intention, most people come home at night and have trouble falling asleep, face doubts after insecurity, aren’t really happy or proud of themselves then try to do the same thing over again the next day. 

Mindset is defined from the Oxford English Dictionary as “a set of attitudes or fixed ideas that somebody has and that are often difficult to change.”

Of course, your mindset is very important. If you don’t believe something can happen, it probably won’t happen. But also thinking something is going to happen just because you set your mind to it, or sending just “positive vibes” or best wishes could also be considered delusional and impractical in the long run.

The truth is our mindset is just one layer.

Unfortunately, the self-improvement industry leads most of us to believe our mindset is the only thing we can control, therefore leading people to dead ends but then all of a sudden guaranteeing a way out if you spend $500 on a seminar.

Most of us start our journey by solely focusing on how can we change our mindset? We start to take steps, and we feel some moments of success and happiness. 

However, the next year or month comes along…

And you feel like you’re running in a hamster wheel. One cycle of actions and thoughts happening again and again in front of you with any change or positive life outcome. 

Mindset is just one foundation of who we are and what makes up our life experience and it’s important to understand the backend mechanisms enabling mindset. 

  1. Psychology

  2. Physiology

  3. Life Purpose 

…all reflect the cultivation of our inner world. 

I don’t know about you but when my physiology is exhausted, my psychology overwhelmed (like in a socially anxious situation), or my community / loved ones are out of place I find it more challenging to have a good mindset and be myself. 

For example - as a kid growing up with health problems. Every single day I tried to have a great mindset. Every single day of my life I tried to be confident, not be socially anxious and be my authentic self in front of others...

I wasn’t successful. Why?

My brain and nervous system didn’t let me because my fundamental biochemistry wasn’t working properly as a result of my psychology & physiology.

Why This is So Important

The key to truly manage your mind and mindset is to leverage another pillar outside of the mind, to get control over the mind. 

As Einstein famously said, “You can’t solve a problem at the same level it was created.” 

What’s most important about this is that Social anxiety is a brain disease that hijacks your mind and personality! By brain disease, what I mean is your psychology has been operating in the same way for so long, that even if you try to consciously control yourself, you will not be able to…

Your brain is now running an algorithm on a loop, based on your past. 

Why? Because your nervous system, neurotransmitters, neurons, brain’s state of inflammation couldn’t care much about your thoughts or attitude. 

Of course, being positive is very important. However, trying to change your “mindset” will not fix a mental health problem and is not a one size fits all solution. 

A great mindset, reading quotes and affirmations, listening to podcasts, and watching Instagram reels & Tik Toks help, but you need to get up & change your brain based on self-development backed by neuroscience.

Self-care isn’t eating chocolate cake, binging Netflix, and going to the spa...

Self-care is caring for yourself even when nobody else cares or wants to including every aspect that makes you a whole functioning human being, like your brain, mind, nervous system, body, and your health & happiness.

Many people have great mindsets, but usually due to no fault of their own aren’t able to live a life where they can execute on that positive mindset as consistently as they would like to…

If you want a better mindset, focus on the roots & foundations that make up the mind, like psychology and physiology for starters :) 

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