Feeling Stuck?

Keep getting derailed or feel stuck? Read this 👇

Trying to change your habits & lifestyle? 

Keep your head in the game and stick to a long-term strategy in mind and paper. 

It's easy to shame yourself for not doing what you said you were going to do. 

But it's normal to struggle with keeping up habits due to something called the homeostatic impulse. 

Your brain is conditioned to not like change.

So it actively tries to reverse the change. This is human nature.

Whether it's eating healthy or exercising regularly…

Why shame yourself for doing what a human is evolutionarily supposed to do?

Even worse, when you shame yourself, you release a powerful cocktail of emotions that drug you into being upset, sad, hopeless, probably emotions you've felt your entire life. 

So your brain says - see? Don't change it's better.

These emotions activate when you shame yourself, repeating the cycle of inaction and repeats the same thing to your nervous system.

This cycle keeps people down forever. 

A great step forward is not shaming yourself and watch what happens :)

One way to do this aside from working on your brain health is to remember what I call the mind’s order of operations for not shaming.

You can't develop or change yourself.

If you don't love yourself. You can't love yourself if you can't accept yourself.

You will never be able to forgive yourself if you can't accept yourself and the situation, the cards ♥️ ♣️ ♦️ life has dealt you!

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