How to Be Your Confident Self

As well as caring for your mental health!

1. Don't take what people say personally 🗣

We are all caught up in the emotional reactions of the past that we bring into every interaction with others. Instead of obsessing over opinions, find the power of your own opinion!

2. Focus on what you can control.

You may not be able to control what others do but you can work on your emotional & mental capabilities to be able to handle what happens next...

3. Confidence starts with your energy ⚡ 

Fill up your battery 🔋 I'm not talking about eating chocolate cake and watching TV shows (those can be fine too). 

I'm talking about creating a foundation for your mental health and the basics that create energy in all your cells like making sure you get enough sunlight outside, movement, sleep, and consistently eating healthy nutritious food. 

4. Build clarity around your story 📚 

Imagine you're the main character in the movie. What's the plot? What happened to get you here? What do you do differently than others? What are your pains & but also your superhero strengths? What destiny are you working towards?

The more you focus on each one of these the more clarity and answers you can find 🔍 

Happy Sunday! ❤️🧠

Not sure where to start?

Luckily I've created a step by step program for this wanting to rewire the mind and create confidence & clarity in your life!

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