How to Make Long-Lasting Progress

Anxiety & stress are often issues of the brain hijacking your mind and personality, not the other way around! Trying to change your “mindset” will not fix an underlying brain health problem, which I believe most are struggling from today.

A great mindset, reading quotes, Instagram posts, Tik Tok videos, inspirational articles help, but you need to get up & literally change your brain based on neuroscience! Not just today. Today and most of the days of your life.

It’s hardest to do this at the beginning, especially by yourself, which is why changing yourself is considered by the majority as impossible.

But it is possible, I’ve done it and countless others.

Keep in mind doing anything is better than doing nothing. Changing your social media feed and educating yourself more is great and very important...

However, you can spend years and years reading Instagram quotes and watching reels & Tik Tok’s and not see results or any worthwhile progress. 

Why? Just because you read or watch or listen to something doesn't mean you understand it truly and how to implement it in your lifestyle. 

I hate to break it to you but just improving your mindset or trying to be positive will only go so far...

You'll notice your brain will continue to shift your behavior back to its default mode. And you may find yourself being upset and shaming yourself because you're not performing the way you want to...

The way you overcome this is by learning the neuroscience behind mental health and how to make your brain - the physical organ that houses your mind, less inflamed and give it the resources it needs as consistently as possible. 

According to science in the most basic terms, you heal the brain with:

1. Eating nutritious food & eliminating not-so-healthy processed foods. 

2. Moving your body, walking, stretching, stretching. 

3. Go outside in the sun to properly synthesize vitamin D - which helps your brain. 

4. Deep Sleep. Many of us struggle with some aspect of sleep and often neglect it. 

There's a lot more than just 4 but...the more you work on a healthier brain, the more control & happiness you bring to your mind! It gets tough before it gets easier.

Many of you have asked me how to work with me.

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