I Had No Plan

I didn’t know social anxiety had a name

I didn’t have a clue on what to do when I first started.

My mental health was terribly neglected, I didn’t even know what mental health was…

I never exercised and was overweight, depressed, and could barely fall asleep at night.

I had a network of 0 connections and few close real friends. 

I barely read books, struggled in school, and couldn't focus due to the constant brain fog and attention issues almost every day.

My social anxiety made me unable to introduce myself or talk to anyone. 

I would tremble and have a panic attack anytime I would be forced to speak to someone. Even though deep down I always wanted to be my real self in front others.

*drum roll please*

Today, I have a network of 100,000’s people.

Today, I can be myself confidently in front of anyone without anxiety. 

Today, I've given talks at TEDx and some of the world’s biggest companies & colleges.

Today, I am mentally & physically healthy.

Today, I learn everyday because my brain finally works properly after a decade of neglect, mis-information, and rewiring my mind.

Today, I’m truly grateful to say I’ve able to help thousands of people. 

I had no plan and yet..

I still won because I took a step forward every day, dropped the ego and started learning from others who can give me specialized knowledge and might help me on my journey!

Without making this a sales pitch….

This is exactly why I created my self-paced online course because it’s exactly what I needed back then that now looking at the science and results of myself and others, it truly works.

It’s not some super complicated crazy system. It’s the easiest way to learn the best knowledge in the right sequence, factored in for best learning practices.

Because we all know what happens after you listen to a podcast or finish reading the article…the same exact thing! Change the script and invest in yourself.

Never let where you are now, determine where you want to go in the future!

Check out my step by step, day by day, 45-day 9-week affordable online course to rewire your mind and transform social anxiety - markmetry.com/program 🔥🧠💪

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