Quick Super Important Reminder

a 2 minute read & challenge that could change your day…

Hope you are starting the week off with progress!

I have a quick reminder for you…

People are ashamed, of what they can’t explain that’s self-contained.

I want you to know facing social anxiety, or depression or being shy or struggling with your health isn't something to be ashamed of...

I promise you. You would be surprised who faces the same kinds of issues.

Some of my clients are very successful CEO’s, even professional athletes, artists and people who you would look at and say they are completely normal.

Because they are normal, and you are normal too. Facing a problem doesn’t deform you or make you any less than anyone else.

The problem is actually rather a lie created by others. Don’t let a scratch or traumatic memory or incorrect beliefs from people around you bring you down.

Truth is, they probably bring themselves down, they are lost in their own version of depression & anxiety and never learned how to control it so they push it on others.

Don’t let people who have already given up on life, force you to give up too.

There’s an entire world filled with loving people patiently waiting for you, your senses, your perception to grow, but only if you keep going…

Here’s Your Challenge:

Find one person, and try to have a deep intimate conversation with them. Or schedule a conversation or time with a friend or family member you can honestly talk to…

Don’t force it, don’t walk into your meeting with your boss and immediately start blurting motivational quotes, just keep an open mind and expect to have this coversation with someone who understands.

Shame is like a monster that keeps you trapped. Starting to shed some light slowly allows you to gain more power of the darkness in the back of your mind.

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