You’re Not Gonna Believe Me

but keep an open mind (;

If you told me this 5 years ago I would never believe you.

Social anxiety or facing just anxiety or depression (long-term) is similar to wearing an involuntary biochemical pair of sunglasses 🕶️ I’ll explain what I mean…

I’m not exaggerated or using this as a metaphor. The same way when you put on those Ray Bans…all of a sudden there’s a darker filter on the world, it’s the same.

It's not an exaggeration when you hear people or see in movies how people who are depressed see the world in black and white grey colors with no vibrancy or color 🌈

Additionally, its been shown when your nervous system’s fight & flight shifts into literally makes you see people’s facial expressions as hostile making you think nobody likes you 😥

When this mode in your nervous system is activated you also feel out of control, the world is dangerous and threatening, you face thoughts of hostility and fear and are unable to think clearly or even make decisions.

Believe me or not, this is the reality for many people who face social anxiety.

I also had no idea until I saw the opposite happen in front of me..

I remember in 2017 after I started focusing every single day on taking steps to heal from social anxiety like repairing my brain’s inflamed neurotransmitters, sleeping right, surrounding myself with the right people...

I stepped outside with a friend of mine and I looked up at a tree 🍃. I saw a leaf falling on top of me and saw the sunshine in my eyes. All of a sudden it was almost as if my literal vision shifted. I could see bright vibrant saturated colors for the first time and looked around and saw smiling friendly faces, after a year or so addressing my mental health.

This might sound like a load of crap…

But this is true and I've heard other stories and have even had clients of mine experience the same. What I've learned is our brain is a projector. It literally projects visually, based on what's inside your brain, senses, how others treat you, memories, cognitive biases, and nervous system shifts.

You may not believe me or this may make you uncomfortable but keep an open mind.

Did you know this?

Additionally, we have hundreds of backdoor shortcuts our brain uses to create our reality, unknowingly to us. Take a look at the famous cognitive bias codex below:

Zoom in, look at each illusion, effect, psychological structure that runs your life..

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